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Q&A with Six Foot Blonde

DC Music Live Team
Photo Courtesy of Six Foot Blonde
Photo Courtesy of Six Foot Blonde

Six Foot Blonde emerges from the heart of Bloomington, IN, a band that has swiftly risen from local college gigs to national prominence in the indie music scene. With infectious pop melodies, soulful vocals, and the twang of slide guitar, their music resonates with a diverse audience. Fresh off their debut album, Ask Me How I Am, Six Foot Blonde embarks on their inaugural national tour this summer.

Don't miss their electrifying performance at Pearl Street Warehouse on July 12th at 8:00pm. Grab your tickets here and experience their vibrant stage presence firsthand.

Learn more about the band in the Q&A below with guitarist and representative of Six Foot Blonde, Elliott Obermaier.

Julia has mentioned the origins of the band name and its empowering message. How does this ethos translate into her music and performances today?

From Julia: "The name is about embracing your unique qualities and creating an image of dancing and celebrating life, however that translates into the musical aspect too. I was insecure growing up, feeling alien and shy. The stage empowers me to raise my voice, arms, and let go of all of my negative inner voice. It also gives me the opportunity to connect with others and hopefully inspire them. When it comes to my lyrical process, I sit down with feelings and situations that are pressing to me. Existing in these feelings and embracing them enough to then perform them in front of audiences is empowering in itself."

Image courtesy Six Foot Blonde
Image courtesy Six Foot Blonde

Your debut album, “Ask Me How I Am,” is set for release. Can you give us a glimpse into the themes and inspirations behind the album?

Ask Me How I Am is truly a letter from Julia reflecting on her life and experiences with love, loss, and adolescence. Each song is incredibly dynamic in how it follows her stories, relying on both past narratives as well as current perspectives on her own life. Musically, the project reflects this transformation and maturation.

What was the recording process like for this album, and were there any challenges or surprises along the way?

We've been writing the slate of 11 songs for the past year and a half, demoing and flushing them out on the road, live, and in our basement studio. This past November, we formally reached out to producers and engineers, Max DiFrisco and Luka Chazal to collaborate with the recording experience. For three months, we worked at Primary Sounds Studio in Bloomington, Indiana to capture the album. As far as surprises, the overall theme and narrative of the album became more clear and connective throughout the recording process. Julia changed several lyrics and melodies to match this, and the band even wrote a couple new songs in the studio to flush out the album

Your live shows are known for their energetic and tight-knit performances. How do you maintain that dynamic on stage, and what do you hope audiences take away from your performances?

The most important element of live music for us is to connect with people and have fun on stage together. We love performing live together, so it is easy to enjoy every moment on stage. Moreover, we know it is our job to provide a fun, connective space for people. This invigorates us even more to reach out and connect with audience members as well as each other.

What’s been your most memorable live performance experience so far, and why?

In August of 2023, the venue's power went out in front of large, hometown crowd. Rather than stop the performance, our lead singer, Julia, sat down with our guitarist, Elliott, and played one of our acoustic songs, 15 Months to the audience. What followed was one of the most attentive and intimate live moments we've ever had, as the entire room followed Julia through the acoustic performance until the power returned.

Image courtesy Six Foot Blonde
Image courtesy Six Foot Blonde

Your band started out as a local college group and quickly transitioned into a national touring act. What were some pivotal moments that propelled Six Foot Blonde into the spotlight?

Once we gained a substantial following at our local venue in Bloomington, the Bluebird, our fanbase started spreading into nearby Indianapolis and Chicago. With the release of our first original EP, Tino's Place, we toured in the Midwest and saw increased love for the band's live performance and original music.

How has your sound evolved from your early days as a local band to now headlining your own national tour?

Since the release of our first EP, our songwriting became more reflective. The musical soundscape we build on stage is more intentional, and our recorded production is as well. When it comes to elements such as synth parts, ambient slide guitar, and lead guitar lines, the new songs build a unique sonic space rather than only capture a live sound.

Your music blends pop melodies with soul-inspired vocals and slide guitar. Could you share some of the artists or genres that have influenced your sound the most?

Yes! Florence and the Machine, Olivia Dean, Fleetwood Mac, and Tedeschi Trucks all greatly inspire individual members of the band.

As you embark on your first national tour, what are your hopes and goals for the band’s future?

We want to keep making new music and reaching a larger audience to share it with. Ideally, we can continue to play around the country and hit new cities, larger venues, and record more music as our fanbase grows. We want to have a long-lasting career in music.

Are there any dream venues or festivals you aspire to perform at in the coming years?

Lollapalooza and SXSW would be ideal festivals to play, especially given our love for Chicago and our fanbase there. As far as venues, we would love to keep sizing up in rooms, eventually playing 500-1000cap rooms around the country.

That wraps up the Q&A. Don't forget to purchase tickets for their Pearl Street Warehouse Show Friday, July 12th at 8pm.


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Band Members

Lead Vocals: Julia Rusyniak

Guitar: Elliott Obermaier

Drums: Brian Healey

Guitar: Zach Patrick

Bass / Vocals: Dom Heyob

Keys: John Rusyniak