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release notes


DC Music Live Team

Release notes for application version 2.0.0.


  • New UI design by Proof District.
  • Support for user accounts.
  • App requires users to sign-in.


  • Ability to save shows to a personal show list.
  • Each show now has a screen for additional show information.
  • Map button to toggle venues that have shows today or upcoming shows.
  • Profile screen.
  • Notification settings.
  • Music/personal preferences.
  • Blog section.
  • About section.
  • FAQ section.
  • Contact form.


  • Autosave filters for persistence across sessions.
  • Images for show cards.
  • Search screen can now also search venues, neighborhoods, states and metro lines, in addition to shows.


Image for error screen block by Paolo Nicolello (on unsplash).

Image for splash screen by erin m (on flickr).

Image for about screen nav block by Mike Maguire (on flickr).